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Moderator Post 20 April, 2007


I thought it would be a good idea to do some sort of "Moderator Post" welcoming everyone to the group and all that stuff. The reason that I decided to do a community for both Tony Head and Murray Head was that I am a fan of both and rather than choose one over the other, I decided that it was best to be fair and make a group for both (and two Heads are much better than one. Ha bloody ha, that was pretty bad).

I'm still trying to work out all the details and all that sort re the layout, icons, banners, and whatever else I need. As for members, I think it's best to spread the word around and you have my permission to mention/pimp/promote on any Tony related groups, Murray related groups, Buffy groups, etc.

More to come later.

Your Mad Mod,

Andi (gilesgurl)
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